Thomas Deacon Music, Collaboration, Virtual Reality
Tom Gurion Non-verbal social interaction, Virtual reality
Prof. Patrick Healey Human Interaction, Collaboration, Miscommunication
Dr. Julian Hough
primary contact
Embodied dialogue modelling, Spoken dialogue systems, Communicative grounding
Dr. Isabelle Mareschal Visual perception, Social Neuroscience, Eye gaze
Prof. Peter McOwan Visual perception, Mathematical models for visual processing, Cognitive science, Biologically inspired hardware and software, Science outreach
Dr. Ioannis (Yiannis) Patras Multimodal human nachine interaction, Motion analysis, Object segmentation, Action Recognition, Multimodal human sensing for Brain Computer Interfaces
Dr. Matthew Purver Computational Linguistics (aka Natural Language Processing), Dialogue, Social Media
Sophie Skach Textile Sensing, Social Interaction, Non-Verbal Behaviour
Laurissa Tokarchuk Social Computing, Sensors and Mobile Interaction, Recommendation